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LG Liquid and Gas Coalescing Filter Cartridges

Dewdon LG coalescing filter cartridges are designed for critical air or gas service applications where high-efficiency removal of oil or water droplets and particulate solids is required. This series of coalescers offers proprietary aerosol interception, liquid coalescence, and liquid drainage layers, co-pleated to ensure a sturdy, high surface area, low-pressure drop system.

Dewdon’s unique micro-fiber media ensures efficient separation of liquid aerosols from gas streams while minimizing fluid retention. Dewdon Filtration offers replacement Elements for Peco, Jonell, Porous Media, Pall and most other Vertical Gas Coalescing Vessels.

Products Specification


Specially treated resin-bonded glass Fiberglass plus Coalescer Media designed in a pack to handle large quantities of liquid.

Separation Efficiencies of 99% & 99.98% for Medium and High Efficiency Process Requirements.

Low Pressure Drop Materials/Construction for more Efficient, Cost Effective Liquid Aerosol Separations.

Cost Effective Solutions Allowing Upgrades to Higher Efficiencies at Little or No Cost Increase.

Customized Configurations Available for New and Existing Vessels & Design Requirements to Exceed Stringent Process Design Specifications.

Polymeric outer drainage layer to prevent liquid re-entrainment.

Oleo phobic/hydrophobic treatment to improve liquid drainage, protect from liquid slugs and minimize saturated pressure drop.

Stainless steel metal support

Fixed-pore and non-shedding media

High filter area for prolonged life & separation efficiency

ISO 9000 Certified Quality System.

Material Of Construction

Medium: Specially treated resin-bonded glass Fiberglass plus Coalescer Media.

Support and Drainage: Polyester/ Polypropylene

Core: 304 Stainless Steel

Cage: PVC coated glass mesh / Stainless Steel

Side Seal: Polypropylene

End Caps: Polypropylene /Stainless Steel

O-rings and Gaskets: Buna-N

Filtration Efficiency

Liquid (Oil) Coalescing Efficiency: < 0.01 ppmw of oil in effluent.

Particle Removal Rating (Air and Gas) : 0.3 µm particulate Lengths: 5, 10 & 30 inches.

Operating Conditions

Change out Differential 0.83 bard (12 psid) + Pressure Clean Differential Pressure.

Maximum Gas Temperature

With water droplets/vapor 60 °C (140 °F)

Water droplet/vapor-free 82 °C (180 °F)

Water droplet/vapor-free 82.2 °C (180 °F)

Technical Details

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Amine & Glycol Plant Feed Gas and Treated Gas, Suction and Discharge of Compressors, Burner/Heater Gas Purification, Protection of Molecular Sieve Beds, Alumina Beds, Flare Systems, Turbine & Reciprocating Engine Fuel Gas, Natural Gas Pipelines.

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