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We Are Dewdon

Dewdon Filtration is a fast growing, technology-driven filtration industry to satisfying customer needs for filtration solutions through innovative research and development. One of the big challenges facing society today is safeguarding the cleanliness of air and liquids. Therefore, we develop solutions that make processes more efficient to provide customers with best-in-class filtration products offering the longest life, the lowest operating and maintenance costs, and the highest possible energy efficiency.

Owning an extensive trade secret portfolio for its process, along with numerous patents and pending for products, we are now developing relationships with companies, industries and markets that can benefit from our very unique technology skill set.

Dewdon Filtration serves customers in the industrial and diesel engine markets including in-plant air cleaning, power generation, compressed air and gas purification, off-road equipment and trucks.


Installation services

To help promote a smooth installation and start-up, we can review details like fit-up, electrical installation, piping installation, filter installation, cooler settings, and pulse system settings before you commission the unit. Or, we can provide support and guidance during installation to ensure that the unit provides maximum performance in the shortest possible time.

Maintenance support

Our experts can inspect your gas turbine inlet system to ensure that it is operating within specifications and make specific recommendations for improvement, if called for. Services include:

  •  System audit reviews.
  •  Filter element replacement.
  •  Evaporative cooler media replacement and reservoir water quality assessment.
  •  Self-cleaning pulse systems : check/replace air compressors, valves, sequential timers.
  • We do not contract out this service—only trained, knowledgeable Dewdon employees will supervise the work.

Project Management

Dewdon can provide complete turnkey project management and execution for retrofit of inlet air systems including:
  •  Knockdown.
  •  Rebuilding.
  •  Installation.
  •  Commissioning.

Our personnel are backed by an engineering team that is highly respected for its technical competence. You can be assured that the work performed will be exactly appropriate for your turbine and environmental conditions. If you have an idea or need, we welcome you to challenge our engineering team to develop and manufacture a proprietary application for you.

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