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Dewdon can provide drift eliminators for just about any installation or type of equipment: counter flow, cross flow, factory-assembled or field-erected. These are available in PVC, galvanized steel or stainless steel construction. Contact your Dewdon for all of the available options.

PVC eliminators are standard and provide low-cost mist elimination with maximum corrosion resistance. Galvanized steel eliminators provide structural rigidity that allows easy access to the spray system. For added corrosion resistance, these are also available with a thermosetting hybrid polymer, or Type 304 stainless steel construction. All eliminators are available in kits that allow a tower to be converted from one material type to the other.

In the manufacturing process we developed the foils are reinforced at the outer edges and in the middle and are therefore very stable. This makes our film fill media extraordinarily resistant to erosion. Our unique welding method connects the single foils with up to 20.000 welding points per m3. This high number of connections results in robust packings with high mechanical load capacity. Bearing capacity and weight/m3 depend on sheet thickness. It will be selected according to customer specification in consideration of process conditions and safety factors for temperatures, lifetime and material properties. Our experts recommend solutions for the support structure on request.

Products Specification

Product Specifications

Maximum drift capture through efficient design.

Minimal pressure drop.

Light weight.

Easy cleaning.

Easy installation and long service life.

High resistance to erosion provided by patented foil thickness distribution and reinforced edges.

Self-supporting structure – High bearing capacity achieved by large number of connecting points and variable sheet thickness.

Flexibility in material and dimensions makes adaptation to plant requirements easy.

Long service life due to chemical, bacterial and UV resistance of PP and PVC.

Easy and economical installation.

Product Features

Model--BAD PVC
Max.length depend on customer demand
Width depend on customer demand
Height 120 mm
Continuous Operation Temperature 50℃
Max.applicationtemp.(short term) 60℃
Color Black
Application Counter flow cooling tower, BAC COOLING TOWER

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