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Bottom Loader Pleated Cartridge

Our bottom loader pleated cartridge Filtration provides alternative filters to well-known dust collectors using bottom loader cartridges. Our Bottom Loader Pleated Bag cartridge is installed from the dirty side using a soft polyurethane top cap.

It is suitable for air filtration of dust and fumes from cement, metal/aluminum, food & beverages, woodwork, chemicals, powder coating, plasma/laser cutting, sandblasting, textiles, welding and casting.

Products Specification

Item Material (Standard) Material (Alternative)
Top cap Molded polyurethane (PU) - soft
Inner mesh Polypropylene PP Galvanized steel
Closed bottom cap Molded polyurethane (PU) - soft
Outside straps Optional Glued or ultrasonic welded Weltech straps
Filter media Can be equipped with Nordic Air Filtration's filter media selection

Product Features

Easy to install.

Easy to remove.

Prevent leakages.

Stable, and does not fall or break through the sheet.

Filter are in 2-4 times larger in compression to traditional bags.

High air to cloth ratio, and a higher dust load capacity.

Open pleat facing.

Low consumption of air during the cleaning process.

High efficiency due to surface filtration.

Reduction of down time and low maintenance cost.

Synthetic parts have no risk of pleated bag abrasion.

World famous brand filter media: 100% spun bond polyester Smooth surface of filters. Highest filter efficiency more than 99.99% Proper number of pleats, wide and rigid pleats Large Length-to-OD ratio.

Technical Data

Products Show


1. Cement and Rock
Crush/Grind Coal mill Raw mill/Cement mill Clay crushed Packaging machine Bentonite crushed Kaolin processing Ventilation and dust removal of silo top Material handling / shipping
2. Aluminum plant
Fluidized bed dry-cleaning tower The venturi jet dry-cleaning tower. Self-baking dry-cleaning tower Carbon dust processing. Broken and ventilation of anode Reaction / non-reaction mine shafts prebaked.
3. Food / Medical
Food Additives Cereal drying Protein spray drying Grain processing. Flour Animal vitamins Sugar-coated tablets.
4. Metallurgy
Electric arc furnace Blast furnace Sulfur removal furnace Casting machine. Induction furnace Mold cooling line Blasting / Polishing Drum furnace. Sand production/recycling.
5. Chemical Industry
Fertilizer spray drying Plastic fiber Bleaching powder Cellulose. Polyethylene resin Polystyrene staple Coke / briquettes processing Packaging line. Tire / Special rubber PVC Catalyst processing.
6. Paint / Pigment
Black powder mixing / agitation Packaging line Pneumatic conveying Paint mixing. Pigment stir Spray drying Micro powder mill.

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