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Dewdon’s absorptive filter bags are designed especially for their purpose with the functional part for liquid treatment incorporated into the filter bag. This bags are used for treating liquids by absorbing specific substances. The filter bag is constructed as standard from 100 μm needle felt, other micron ratings are available for specific requirements. Our absorptive bags are made from polypropylene and supplied with a handle strap.

Product Specifications

Product Features

This allows maximum contact time while keeping pressure drops across the material to a minimum.

The top disc pre-filter material removes dirt and other particulate material prior to the absorption. As the sides of the bag are impermeable, the liquid will flow vertically through the entire column.

The bag filter media will remove further solids, thus acting as a polishing and safety filter.

The standard Dewdon filter bags have sizes to fit into our baskets and housings, but will also fit into most other housings.

In order for bag filters to function properly, especially with smaller pore sizes, a good seal between bag and support basket is of great importance.

Technical Data

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Liquid fertilizers

Cutting oils

Pickling liquids


Removal of odor, color

Absorbing mineral oils

Absorbing grease from aqueous-based liquids

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