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Specialty of our Disposable Panel Filter is its high airflow rate at low-pressure drop with a long durability. The combination of the unique media, beverage board and pleating technology makes the filter, a low energy-consuming product at the same time it performs well in all situations.

Our Disposable Panel Filters are at high efficiency levels G2~G4 EN779; MERV3-8 ASHRAE and are available in different depth. The max airflow rate at 125% of nominal airflow. Our Pre filters are 100% Moisture resistance with thermal Stability up to 70.

Product Specifications

Frame Filter Media Face net
Water resistant cardboard Polyester / Polycotton Spot mesh, Expanded mesh

Product Features

The GDS disposable panel filter features an innovative, reinforced, "double strut" construction for excellent durability and performance in commercial, industrial, and residential applications. The design provides 10% greater open media area than traditional metal grill filters and offers excellent dust holding capacity. In addition, the design allows for easier disposal, eliminates sharp edges for safer handling and reduces carton weight for lower shipping costs. The GDS disposable panel filter is available in 1" and 2" depths in many standard sizes.

The PTA series disposable panel filter has set the standard for quality and durability. This rigidly constructed air filter maintains its integrity where others fall short. Always the highest quality, Glasfloss PTA disposable panel filters have a metal grid on the air leaving side.

Technical Data

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