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Baffle Grease Filter

Baffle grease filter is designed to collect grease and stop flames from penetrating into hood exhaust ductwork. They can be made of stainless steel, galvanized and aluminum material with electrolytic polishing or anodic oxidation finish. This filter contains two layers of equally spaced roll or square formed baffles which creates an airflow to collect efficiently grease and make grease into the collecting trough finally. Its frame shall be formed metal channel, and each frame is connected with heavy rivets. The galvanized baffle grease filter offers strong, tough, rugged surface and it costs low. Stainless steel baffle grease filter provides nice and shiny appearance in duty commercial application. Aluminum baffle grease filter is lighter making it install mush easier and shipping savings. All the baffle grease filter in different material rates to different temperature for different application.

Products Specifications

Product Features

Rivet and rigid construction.

Smooth and seamless surface.

Fold flat handles and grease drain holes.

Corrosion resistance.

Easier to use than mesh filter.

Ideal for all kitchen canopies.

Simple installation and maintenance.

Cleaned in dishwasher by soaking and spraying.

Safe and durable.

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The baffle grease filter can be used at commercial kitchens, hotels, restaurants, etc.

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