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Pulse Clean Panel Filters

Dewdon’s Pulse Clean Panel filter combines a unique panel filter concept with a pulse cleaning system which provides a constant flow of filtered Intake air and eliminates the necessity of short-term filter change-out due to high atmospheric dust load conditions. Hence, they are used as clean intake air for Gas Turbines, Compressors and other Clean Air using Machines. These Filter Panels can give high Filtration Efficiency upto 99.9% for fine dust and 99.6% for coarse dust and ensures excellent dust cake release with high air flow and low pressure drop.

The unique design utilizes a heavy-duty, uniformly pleated filtering media to capture the incoming erosive & corrosive contaminants, air borne contaminants like dust, drysalt nuclei, fly-ash, un-burnt hydrocarbons etc. permitting only cleaned air to pass through.

Products Specification

Item Material (Standard) Material (Alternative)
Filter Media Cellulose/ Polyester/ Synthetic
Nanofiber/Polyester fiber media selection
Top cap Galvanized Steel
Gasket EPDM
Inner Mesh Galvanized steel
Outer Mesh Galvanized steel with
Hot melt glue
Closed bottom cap Galvanized steel with 2*12mm. holes
Chassis Galvanized steel
Outside Hotmelt Optional
Finishing Treatment
Teflon-coating, waterproofing, oil proofing, Flame-retarding
Treatment, Antistatic Coating, etc

Product Features

Advanced media with ePTFE membrane.

Longer filter life and better pulse cleaning due to surface loading technology.

Exceptional dust cake release.

Lower energy use, reduced constant pressure drop

High particulate capture rate.

Optimized filter performance.

Technical Data

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Pulse clean panel filter is suitable for gas turbine air inlet housing in all operating environments throughout the world.

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