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3 Lugs Filter Cartridges

Dewdon’s Lug filter Cartridges are 100% recyclable / incinerable. This type of filters are manufacturing with PP inner mesh and it is possible to completely recycle the cartridge as a whole without having to disassemble it. Thus, we make it easier for our customers to act environmentally friendly.

Our Lug filter Cartridges are more resistant to alkali and other chemical impact making it partical suitable for chemical applications.Our Lug filter Cartridges are specifically suitable for compact filter collectors.

It is suitable for air filtration of dust and fumes from cement, metal/aluminum, food & beverages, wood work, chemicals, powder coating, plasma/laser cutting, sand blasting, textiles, welding and casting.

Products Specification

Item Material (Standard) Material (Alternative)
Filter Media Cellulose/Synthetic fiber/ All kinds of H&V air filtration`s filter
Nano fiber/Polyester fiber Media Selection
Top cap/ Galvanized steel Stainless steel, Color-coated steel/
Bottom Cap Recyclable Plastic ABS
Gasket EPDM Urethane/Silicone
Inner Mesh Galvanized steel
Stainless Steel, Color-coated steel/
Recyclable PP
Outside Straps/ Optional Glued or ultrasonic welded straps/
Outer Mesh Galvanized steel/Stainless Steel
Finishing Treatment
Teflon-coating, waterproofing, oil proofing, Flame-retarding
Treatment, Antistatic Coating, etc

Product Features

Imported long fiber polyester filter media, fiber interwoven, evenly distributed.

Good abrasion resistance, and the capability of withstand airflow pulse inverse blow is better than traditional filter media.

Smooth filter media surface, not sticky.

Excellent chemical resistance.

Electro-galvanized/stainless steel cover, central skeleton.

Professional sealing obturator elastic neoprene.

Good filter material stiffness, can be repeated washed.

Operating temperature ≤ 135 ° C.

Greatly increase the effective filtration area.

Ensure a low steady differential pressure, improve the circulation of air flow.

Small filter cartridge element, easy to install.

Especially suitable for large dust concentration industry.

Technical Data

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Excellent heat resistance

High filtration efficiency

Good raw material, competitive price

Fast delivery

Size can be customized

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