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Graphite Ceramic Foam Filters

Dewdon Graphite Ceramics foam Filters are mainly used in Aluminum castings. Our filters are made of imported raw material with high quality standards. Filters offer resistance to high temperatures, while maintaining excellent erosion resistance. Our fitters are dimensionally accurate and wide of filter sizes are available.

Products Specification


Low density and Good filtration capacity.

Low thermal storage coefficient and lightweight.

Eliminating the risk of the solidification in the filtration process of liquid aluminum.

The filters float in liquid aluminum surface during remelting, easy to remove with the scum Storage and Shelf life.

Keep in cold and dry place, away from moisture, avoid stacking and compression. Shelf life: 1000 days.

Product Specification

Porosity 80-90%
Density 0.36-0.45g/cm3
Compressive strength > 1.0Mpa

Technical Details

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Aluminum castings.

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