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Pocket Prefilter is composed of metal or plastic frame and synthetic fiber media. It is large airflow and low resistance; it is mainly used as primary filtration to extend the lifetime of HEPA filter.

Our Pre filters are at high efficiency levels G2~G4 EN779; MERV3-8 ASHRAE and are available in different depth. The max airflow rate at 125% of nominal airflow. Our Pre filters are 100% Moisture resistance with thermal Stability of 100℃. This filters are available Aluminum /Plastic / galvanized frames and synthetic polypropylene fiber or fiberglass media.

Product Specifications

Frame Filter Media Gasket
Extruded Aluminum/Galvanized steel sheet/Plastic Progressively structured polyester EVA or none for plastic frame

Product Features

Adopt superfine synthetic fiber filter media, reasonable structure, large dust holding capacity, stable performance.

Use optimized V shape filter bag structure, large flow capacity, low pressure, long work life.

Washable and reusable.

Technical Data

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It is applied to large airflow ventilation system, filtration system of Pharmaceutical, food, hospitals, clean room, and so on.

It can be used as terminal-filtration of medium and high efficiency filtration system or pre-filtration of super-efficient filtration system.

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