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Filter Bag Solenoid Valve

Pulse valve is composed of pilot head, diaphragm and valve aluminum body. The back cavity area of diaphragm is bigger than the front one. The diaphragm is kept at the closed position due to the effect of big pressure.

Electrical pulse controller send input signals so that the electromagnetic armature attracts the moving bar. Unclose the balancing hole to release the pressure gas in the back cavity of diaphragm quickly; the pressure gas in the front cavity holds up the diaphragm to open the passage and the valve starts cleaning.

The pulse signal disappears and the spring of the armature works immediately to resume the moving bar so as to close the balancing hole. The pressure gas in the back cavity of the diaphragm and the spring work together to close the passage the valve stops cleaning.

The damping hole in the diaphragm functions to damp the airflow when the moving bar of armature holds up for balancing and to transit the air to the back cavity as soon as the balancing hole is shut to close the passage and stop cleaning..

Product Specifications

Operation Mode Normal Close Electricity open, reenergize close
Medium Temp ≤ 60 °C
Medium Air
Nominal diameter. (mm) 15 20 25 32 40 50 65 80 100
Connection Size. (G) 1/2 3/4 1 1-1/4 1-1/2 2 2-1/2 3 4
Pressure (Mpa) 0.03-0.8
Service life Jetting more than 1.5 million times
Voltage deviation Allowed fluctuate ±10%
Material Valve Precision casting of aluminum alloy
Seal Nitrile Buna rubber (NBR)
Environment Temp. -20-60 °C
Connection type Internal thread
Electrical connection Socket of terminal box cable, IP Grade IP65
Voltage AC 220 V 50Hz/60Hz, DC: 24 V, other according requirement
Special selection BZCJ Anti-explosion Electromagnetic Valve
Anti-explosion grade: Exml/llT4 (Encapsulated), dllBT4,dllCT5 (with hydrogen)
Installation Priority in using vertical coil, also can according to requirement
Note The valve fully open or closed, need at least 0.1Mpa pressure difference

Product Features

Hytrel Diaphragm for longer life.

Exhaust Port protected by silencer.

Quick ON & OFF response time.

High flow factor for effective cleaning.

Lower Air Consumption / Operation.

Pressure Die caste epoxy coated Aluminium/stainless steel cast valve Body material.

Unique profile of Diaphragm eliminates spring.

Profiled seal to avoid dust/particle trapping while closing.

Stainless steel fasteners.

For Corrosion resistance Stainless steel cast Weather / Explosion Proof solenoid available.

Low decibel noise level.

Technical Specifications

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The solenoid valve are used extensively in large number of devises that are used in various industries like bag house, refrigeration, air conditioning, automobiles, hydraulics, pneumatics, Dairies, paint industries and many more.

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