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Air Intake Filter - Air compressor

These are a heavy duty paper elements surrounded by a galvanized mesh screen. This filter has a 99% filtration efficiency. This is a great deal for a set of filters. These can be used in a variety of compressors and applications. Check the measurements below to make sure they fit the size you require.

Products Specification

Product Specification

Shape: Conical/Cylindrical, Conical/Conical, and Cylindrical/Cylindrical

Top cap:Galvanized steel, no rust.

Gasket: EPDM material to ensure airtight sealing

Inner mesh: Galvanized steel

Outer mesh: Galvanized steel with or not hot melt glue

Bottom cap,open/closed: Galvanized steel

Filter media: 100%Polyester,100%Cellulose,Blend polyester and cellulose. Domestic and imported are both available here.

Dimension(L*W*H):324*213*660mm 445*324*660mm.

Efficiency: 99.99%

Dust holding capacity: >1500g

Intial pressure drop: 200-300Pa

Final pressure drop: 1000Pa

Product Features

Moisture proof.

Heat resistance.

High strength.

Variety of configurations: Conical/Cylindrical, Conical/Conical, and Cylindrical/Cylindrical are ideal for gas turbine air inlet applications.

High surface areas, low pressure drop and can be installed either horizontally and vertically.

Wide pleated depth,large air flow.

Inner and outer liner.

Galvanized anti-corrosion metal construction.

Technical Data

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Widely used in central air conditioning, gas turbine power plants, oxygen plants, steel mill blast oxygen station, furnace blast air station, power plant ,gas turbine air intake applications.

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