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Mega High Flow Filter Cartridges

Mega Flow Filter Cartridges provides users with high efficiency, high flow rate filtration capabilities. With its outside to inside flow direction, the cartridge is designed for high flow or high dirt loading requirements.

Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Filter Media Material: Polypropylene / Glass Fiber.

End Cover, External Cage : Polypropylene / Polypropylene / Polyester.

Max. Operating Pressure : 3.43 bar(49.8 psid).

Max. Operating Temperature : PP: 80 °C (176 °F), GT:80 °C (176 °F), HT: 120 °C (248 °F).

Product Features

Absolute filtration accuracy, > 99.9% (GAF series only).

Applicable for high flow rate filtration applications.

No Surfactants or wetting agents.

Outside to inside flow direction, with high dirt holding capabilities.

Technical Data

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Mega Flow Filter Cartridge is suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.

Water Filtration

Waste Water Filtration

RO Solution


Lubrication Oil Filtration

Coolant Filtration

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