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Activated Carbon Air Filters

Dewdon’s carbon filters are constructed using a premium hybrid media which contains both a high-efficiency particulate layer and a carbon-impregnated layer. Our extended surface Activated Carbon Air Filters provides maximum VOC and odor removal in any commercial or industrial application.

Products Specification

Frame Filter Media Grids
Aluminum alloy/ Galvanised steel / cardboard box Carbon fiber/ Activated carbon felt/ Composite Activated Carbon Fiber with Non-Woven Aluminum mesh/ Polyurethane

Product Features

Two carbon capacity options and available with specially impregnated adsorption medias.

Provides effective removal of odors and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).

Constructed with premium grade granular 60% activated coconut shell carbon.

V-shaped frame holds up to 26 pounds of activated carbon in a single 24x24x12 filter.

Sealant eliminates air bypass and secures individual carbon cells within the frame.

Reduces energy costs and extends filter lifecycles.

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Airports, Industrial facilities, Laboratory, Air raid shelters, Medicines and chemicals industries.

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