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HoneyComb Grease Filter

The honeycomb grease filter made of aluminum, stainless steel and steel consists of frame, mesh grid and handle. It is designed to split the incoming grease laden air into many criss-cross streams. The resulting changes in direction forces grease particles to contact and adhere to the surface of the media. The excess oil can then drain through the corner drainage holes into the collection channels. Its frame is screwed together which allows for easy removal and replacement of the filter core if required. Due to its smooth walled passage of the core, it is efficient and easy to clean.

Products Specifications

Products Specifications

Material: aluminum, steel, stainless steel.

Structure: aluminum frame + honeycomb aluminum grease grid + handle.

Frame plate thickness: 1.6mm.

Product Features

Large oil holding capacity.

Heavy duty.

High temperature.

Adjustable to accomodate air flow

Removing oil and smoke effectively.

Easy to install.

Convenient to clean.

Long service time.

Installation: In order to prevent the grease attached in the filter dropping when used, the honeycomb grease filter must be always installed with its face at not more than 30 degree from the vertical.

Maintenance: Honeycomb grease filter should be cleaned regularly to prevent the grease from collecting in the filter. Besides, when clean it, the cleaners containing caustic solution must not be used, because they will corrode the filter.

Technical Data

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The honeycomb grease filter is widely used to indoor smoke filtration, air containing and ventilation system, cabinet pre-filtration ventilation system and large hood fume filter.

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