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High Efficiency Gas Filters For Compressors & Coalesces

Dewdon’s HE –Series Gas Filter elements have been engineered and constructed to provide superior high efficiency separation to protect coalescers, compressors, gas turbines, burners, fuel gas systems, molecular sieve, alumina, and carbon bedsystems, and sensitive metering instruments. The metal body can provides strength and support for extreme gas flow rates and maintenance.

Dewdon’s unique pleated micro-fiber media ensures maximum separation of solids from gas streams while minimizing pressure drop. This design hold over twice the solids of a melt blown depth filter resulting in fewer change outs.

Products Specification


Customized Configurations Available for New and Existing Vessels & Design Requirements to Exceed Stringent Process Design Specifications.

Provides high efficiency removal of unwanted impurities.

Employed only absolute rated efficiency media.

High dirt load capacity with in-house aerosol test bed verified pleat pack design.

Available in both DOE / SOE cap styles.

Product Specification

Sizes: 4.5” OD x 3.25”, 3.125”, 2.875” ID

Length: 36” or 72” long

Media: Micro Fiberglass, Nylon, or Polyester.

Micron Ratings: 0.5 to 50 micron @ 99.0% or 99.98%

Gaskets: Buna-N or Viton

End caps: SOE / DOE,

Material Of Construction

Inner core & End caps: Tinned Steel or 304 SS.

Compatibility: Standard or Amine/H2S Compatible.

Common Contaminants

Iron Sulfides & Oxides

Corrosion Products

Pipe Scale

Sand & Silt

Carbon Fines

Technical Details

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Amine/Glycol feed and discharge gasses.

Compressor suction and discharge gasses.

Fuel gas purification and concentration.

Protection of molecular sieves, membranes, Alumina beds, Activated Carbon beds, flares, and gas flow metering and control systems.

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