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Extended Life Needle Felt Filters

Extended life needle felt filter bag is made of thicker filter media and 100% welded. The structure offers equal filtration efficiency and differential pressure with lifetime 2~5 times longer and higher dirt holding capacity than standard filter bag. This is designed to save your money by reducing bags consumption, labor change-out, operation and storage cost. Increased thickness of the filter media compared to that of the equivalent standard felt filter bag enables an increased retention of particles, which can reduce operating costs.

Fully welded construction provides excellent sealing characteristics in most industry standard filter bag housing.

Product Specifications

Operation Conditions

Maximum flow rates: P1 - 20m3/h / P2 - 40m3/h

Filter area: P2 - 0.45 m2

Recommended change (out pressure for disposal): 2.5 kg/cm2

Maximum differential pressure ≦ 4kg/cm2.

Maximum operating temperature: Polypropylene ≦ 90°C / Polyester ≦1 50°C

Product Specifications

Material of construction: Polypropylene / Polyester.

Micron ratings: 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100 μm

Size: #1 -7"x17", #2-7"x32"

Product Features

Save operation cost by longer lifetime.

The reinforced fiber material thickness facilitates gel removal.

Fits into all Eaton standard size 01 and 02 restrainer baskets.

The special finish and surface treatment virtually eliminate loss fiber from migration.

Technical Data

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