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V Bank Hepa Filters

V-Bank HEPA filters are available in efficiency ranges: 95%@MPPS to 99.995%@MPPS ( H11~H14) according to EN1822 testing standard . They are designed as a V shape filter, that made the filters have more media area. This construction can meet high airflow rate condition with higher efficiency.

Construction: V-Bank HEPA filters use a diameter of 0.1um~5um super fine Glass fiber for media , that ensure the filters has lower pressure drop , more dust holding and longer service life. The fine fiberglass media pleated to some media packs, then several media packs and frame form a “V shape filter. The number of the “V” shape deter-mines the filter’s media area so that it influence on filter service life and pressure drop.

Product Specifications

Item Frame Filter Media Separator Sealant Gasket Temperature Limit Humidity Limit
Material(Standard) ABS plastic, aluminum sheet, galvanized steel sheet Glass fiber, Synthetic fiber Hot melt Polyurethane EVA,EPDM,NEOPRENE 100˚C 100%RH

Product Features

High Efficiency.

Superior dust-holding capacity.

Installation: Practical for both vertically and horizontally.

HEPA rated efficiency : H10-14

Standard: EN1822, Class H11/H13/H14

Technical Data

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V-bank HEPA filters widely used in high-volume airflow facilities, such as power plants. They are also used as pre-filters for final stage filters or ULPA filters.

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