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Oval Air Filter Cartridges

Media for our Oval air filter cartridges is Fire Retardant 80/20. 80/20 FR is best to filter plasma cutting, welding and laser cutting, almost all metal processing including sandblasting and shot blasting when exhausting outside the facility. This media is chemically treated to inhibit combustion where sparks or burning particulate may reach the filter.

Products Specification

Product Features

Quick release structure, easy to disassemble.

High efficiency polyester filter, filter dust effective rate of 99.99%

Wide pleated design, air volume larger.

Applicable to all kinds of smoke and dust places according to different conditions of the powder selection of acid and alkali, corrosion resistance, anti-static, explosion-proof performance, large filter area, oil and water, high filtration efficiency, wear, high filtration , Running resistance is small, low coefficient of friction non-stick powder performance, explosion-proof anti-static, flame retardant, film and other filter to adapt to a variety of industrial vacuum cleaner applications.

Dimension (diameter of 30mm - 750mm ,height is up to 2meters.)

Technical Data

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Energy, cement, chemicals, machinery, glass and other production lines to recover raw materials, purification dust.

Pharmaceutical, cigarette, painting, production line recovery of raw materials, purification dust.

Wood, polishing, shot blasting, crushing, powder preparation industry dust recovery filter dust filter.

All kinds of gas, dust and other test equipment, on-line monitoring equipment filter, dusting equipment filter.

Engineering rig dust box dedicated filter

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