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Pocket Filters (Synthetic / Glass Fiber)

Filter media is composited of high quality superfine synthetic fibers made by melt-blown adhesive technology, combined with 10mm anti-burst high-frequency welding structure. The bag side seam is made by high-frequency welding to increase the structural rigidity to ensure filter levels will not fall off when the airflow is suddenly opened or stops and to avoid secondary dust producing, greatly enhancing the comprehensive performance of the bags. Accompanied by thin air separation air bag structure and conforming to the standard V-shaped structure, it can stabilize the airflow to the greatest degree to make full use of the filter media and ensure the best filter results. Low resistance and huge effective filtration area.

Products Specification

Filter Media Synthetic fiber(Glass fiber, Nano fiber and Polyester also can be choosen)
Outer Frame Aluminum/galvanized steel or plastic
Header 20mm,25mm
Efficiency ASHRAE 45%,65%,85%,95%
EN779: F5,F6,F7,F8
Temperature limit 70˚C
Humidity limit 90%RH

Product Features

High airflow volume.

Large surface area.

High dust-holding capacity.

Sturdy construction, Compact size.

Washable, cost-effective.

Technical Data

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Pocket filters are widely used in HVAC applications to remove dust from ambient air. Usually they are used as final filters in commercial applications or as prefilters for HEPA filters in the pharmaceutical and other high demand industries.

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