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Aramid / Nomex Filter Bags

The aramid filter bag is a high temperature filter product; it is made of imported aramid fibers. Normal maximum continuous operating temperature is 375°F. General applications for Aramid felt include highly abrasive dust applications, cement kiln, electric arc furnaces, high temperature dryers, cupolas, and chemical applications where high temperatures exist.

Aramid offers a good resistance to alkalis under most condition. Most mineral oxides cause degradation and partial decomposition. Aramid withstands common organic solvents very well. Some phenolic compounds cause solubility.

Product Specifications

Fiber Aramid fiber
Weight(g/m2) 500-550g/m2
Thickness(mm) 2.0-2.2mm
Mechanical Finish Heat-setting, Singed one side
Chemical Finish PTFE impregnating
Air Permeability (m2/m3/min) 14-16
Break Strength(N/5cm)
Warp ≥900
Weft ≥1200
Break Elongation(%)
Warp ≤35
Weft ≤50
Working temperature(Degree C) 204-240℃
Resistance to acid Good Resistance to Oxidation Good
Resistance to alkali ordinary Resistance to Hydrolysis Ordinary
*we can customize according to your drawing / sample

Product Features

Minimum emission level.

Minimum pressure drop.


Excellent designs.

Technical Data

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Suitable for the dust collection of flue gas of asphalt-mixing, non-ferrous metal smelting, ceramics, glass, kiln head of cement industry (grate cooler), steel blast, etc.

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