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Dewdon hydraulic filtration product line features more than 4,000 high-quality filter elements with a high dirt-holding capacity to ensure consistent filter efficiency and long element life. These filter elements are designed for use in filters that have been designed to operate in industrial and mobile hydraulic systems. Our filters will protect hydraulic components from particulate contamination.

Dewdon’s hydraulic filter elements with highest dirt-holding capacities ensuring consistent filter efficiency, even at high-pressure differences.

These elements are available with various filter materials like Micro glass, Paper & Stainless steel wire mesh, different construction types and micron ratings to help protect critical system components. In addition, we offer customized filter solutions and manufacture exclusive cartridge design for OEM.

Products Specification

Micro Glass

Deep filtration.

Absolute Filtration.

High particle holding capacity.

Best micron rating at high Δp.

Usable for mineral oils, emulsions and for most synthetic hydraulic fluids and lubrication oils

Various grades of filter fineness available (1 VG, 3 VG, 6 VG, 10 VG, 16 VG and 25 VG), other grades of filter fineness on request.

Special filter design for lubrication applications available. (10 API and 25 API)


Deep Filtration.

Nominal Filtration.

Constructed of paper and polyester fiber.

High material stability and strength.

Available in 10 μm.

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

Surface Filtration.

Nominal Filtration.

Provides high resistance filter elements. (irrespective of the hydraulic fluid used)

Partially Cleanable.

Available in 25 μm, 40 μm and 80 μm, other micron ratings on request.

Technical Details

Absolute filtration typically ßx(c) ≥ 1000.

High ßx value stability across a wide range of differential pressures.

High contamination retention capacity.

Disposable elements and cleanable elements.

Elements pleated.

Flow direction from out to in to maximize stability.

Excellent flow fatigue stability due to solid filter material support.

Standard filtration ratings: 3μm, 5μm, 10μm, and 20μm absolute.

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Turbine lube & hydraulic oils

Compressor lube oil

Water glycols

Synthetic lubricants

Petroleum based fluids

Cost-effective replacement for Expensive OEM elements

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