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Filter disc is made of stainless steel wire mesh, galvanized wire mesh, brass wire mesh and other mesh. We can produce the single layer or multi-layer filter disc which is connected by welding or not, Besides, the filter disc edge can be naked edge or covered edge. According to the usage, they can be produced into different shapes such as round shape, oval shape, rectangular, toroidal shape, square, kidney shape, pleated shape, and other special shape.

Products Specifications

Products Specifications

Material: brass wire mesh, stainless steel wire mesh, low carbon steel wire mesh, galvanized square wire mesh.

Disc Diameter: from 50mm to 800mm.

Structure: single layer, multi-layer, edge covered, multi-layer welded, muti-layer sintered, etc.

Shape: round shape, rectangular, toroidal shape, square, oval shape, kidney shape, pleated shape, and other special shape.

Weaving: plain weaving, twill weaving, dutch weaving reverse dutch weave, and so on.

Filtration rating: 12 to 1000 microns.

Temperature: -40 - 600°C

Product Features

Different shape and size.

Smooth surface structure.

High durable and strength.

High permeability.

High dirt-holding capacity.

High temperature resistance.

Adjustable filtration and high flow rates.

Good air permeability.

Repeatedly and easy cleaning.

Technical Data

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Chemical product filtration.

Foodstuff filtration.

Spices, stones and powders filtration.

Pharmaceutical products filtration.

Plastic recycling filtration.

Sugar and salt filtration.

Fertilisers filtration.

Animal’s feedstuff filtration.

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