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Activated Carbon Filter Cartridges

Dewdon’s Activated Carbon Filter cartridges reduce chlorine, color and odors caused by dissolved organics, and turbidity from aqueous and organic liquids. All materials are constructed of FDA listed materials for food contact and may be used for drinking water and potable liquids. The easy-to-change disposable cartridge contains about 33 cubic inches of premium grade granular activated carbon. The activated carbon adsorbs dissolved organics, and reduces chlorine. An integral 5 mm prefilter reduces various particulates to eliminate premature clogging of the carbon bed, while a 5 mm post-filter reduces carbon fines that may shed from the bed.

Products Specifications

Product Features

High chlorine, taste and odor reduction capacity.

Extended dirt holding capacity.

Substantial carbon volume with maximum service life.

Available with 10 & 20″ in 2.5 & 4.5″ OD.

No carbon powder release.

Product Specifications

Filter media: Mineral AC & Coconut shell AC.

End cap: PP.

Gasket: Buna-N.

Netting: Polyethylene

Outer diameter: 70mm, 115mm

Inner diameter: 28mm

Maximum operating temperature: 52°C

Maximum differential pressure: 7 Bar at 20°C

Ordering Guide

Model CTO Material Micron Rating Length
CTO-M 05:5um 5: 5''
Mineral AC 10:10um 10: 10''
CTO-C 20: 20''
Coconut shell AC 30: 30''

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