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Sintered Leaf Filter

Sintered leaf filter is made of stainless steel sintered fiber web and woven stainless steel wire mesh. It can be installed at filtration devices to filter high viscosity melt. It can easily and quickly remove hard impurities and agglomerate substance. Due to its features of being cleaned and reused repeatedly, it is a perfect filter for thin film, plastic and other industries. Besides, we can produce other products based on the customers’ requirements.

Products Specifications

Products Specifications


Filtration Layer Protective Layer
SUS316L. SUS316L, SUS304L.

Filtering rate: 3 - 80μm.

Porosity: 70 - 85%.

Pressure balance: 120kg/cm2.

Filtration direction: inside to outside.

Product Features

High strength and durability.

High flow rates and various filtration series.

Based on woven mesh and porous plate.

Corrosion resistance.

Wash back clean and reusable.

Works a long life.

Technical Data

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High Polymer Industrial

High viscosity polymer filter for fiber, film, plastics / Raw materials production filters / Monomer/oligomer filters

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