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Dewdon’s Cylindrical Filter Cartridges are designed especially for the high demands in gas turbine air filtration systems. Dewdon’s special filtration media provides the maximum protection for the turbine and through the outstanding durability and high efficiency of the filter media.

The Cylindrical Filter Cartridge can be installed horizontally or vertically and can be used in pulsing or static systems.

Products Specification

Item Material (Standard) Material (Alternative)
Filter Media Cellulose/Synthetic fiber/ All kinds of H&V air filtration`s filter
Nano fiber/Polyester fiber Media Selection
Top cap/ Galvanized steel Stainless steel, Color-coated steel/
Bottom Cap Recyclable Plastic ABS
Gasket EPDM Urethane/Silicone
Inner Mesh Galvanized steel
Stainless Steel, Color-coated steel/
Recyclable PP
Outer Mesh
Galvanized steel with Stainless Steel, Color-coated steel
hotmelt glue Recyclable plastic ABS
Finishing Treatment
Teflon-coating, waterproofing, oil proofing, Flame-retarding
Treatment, Antistatic Coating, etc

Product Features

Imported special air filter, large filter area.

Electro-galvanized end caps not rust.

Electro-galvanized diamond mesh central skeleton, high opening rate.

Professional sealing obturator elastic neoprene.

Operating temperature ≤65°C.

Wide pleat height.

Ultra-high efficiency: 99.99%.

Large amount of ventilation.

Technical Data

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Applicable Area

Arctic Costal Desert Tropical Urban


Widely used in central air conditioning, gas turbine power plants, oxygen plants, steel mill blast oxygen station, furnace blast air station, power plant, gas turbine air intake applications.

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