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Demister Pads/Coalescer/Mesh Pad are permeable covers of wire or plastic sewed work, are widely used in petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and metallurgical industries to avoid loss of precious chemicals due to evaporation, reduce air-pollution, and counter act mist formation.

Dewdon Filtration can manufacture all kinds of demister pads for your different equipment, application and environments. We can provide effective mist elimination compatible with normal packed column operation. For high gas velocities or low-pressure drop requirements, we can also manufacture vane type demisters. The pressure drop of the demister pad or the knitted wire mesh droplet separator is very low due to the large free volumes, even at higher velocities.

Dewdon has the knowledge to design, debottleneck and optimize vapor liquid separators also called flash drums with a combination of knockout equipment like baffles, half-open feed pipes or vane inlet devices in combination with demister pads for more efficient removal of droplets.

The Demisting Process

The working standard behind the fog eliminator is forthright. As the wet vapor stream upsurges through layers of contracting surfaces inside the weaved and creased wire network, entrained as they persistently influence each surface. The gas inside the vapour stream keeps on ascending as the heavier fluids isolated, connect and coalesce into beads inside a work. As the beads develop, so does their weight until they tumble to the base of the vessel because of gravity. Fluid aggregations would then be able to be depleted out of the base as the gas is directed through the highest point of the Vessel.

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