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String Wound Filter Cartridges

Dewdon’s string wound cartridge filters provide true depth filtration, high dirt holding capacity, and extremely low media migration. They are a superior, one-piece cartridge manufactured using a high speed, continuous wind process, and are available in a wide variety of lengths and porosities.

Especially significant is the availability of filters in an almost endless combination of media and core material, to handle virtually any chemical and/or environment or temperature. Our string wound filter cartridges are available with 14-string, seven core and 12 material and end cap options. Outside dimensions of 2 to 6 inches and lengths of 5 to 72 inches are standard. They can be sized for virtually all single- or multi-round filter housings. The precise winding pattern defines micron ratings and results in higher dirt-holding capacity and efficiency.

Products Specifications

Product Features

PP support has good heat resistance, suitable PH 1-13;

Suitable for high solid content and high viscosity material liquid solid-liquid separation.

Stainless steel support has good heat resistance, maximum operating temperature 120 ℃.

Choice different materials configured according to the process conditions to meet the needs of a variety of liquid filtration.

Product Specifications

OD (Outside Diameter) 60-63mm,115mm; (Customized on request)
ID (Inside Diameter) 28mm,30mm
Length 5 ", 10 ", 20 ", 30 ", 40 "
Micron 1um, 5um, 10um, 20um, 30um, 50um, 75um, 100um.
Filter Medium Polypropylene(PP), Cotton, Glass Fiber
Center Core Polypropylene(PP), Stainless steel 304/316L

Technical Data

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Pharmaceutical industry: Pre-filtration of drugs, distilled water, biological products, various antibiotics, etc.

Electronics industry: Filtration of industrial water such as electronics, microelectronics, and semiconductors.

Food and beverage: Beer, wine, soft drinks, dairy products, bottled water, fruit wine, juice, syrup, cooking oil, etc.

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