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Quality Control

We at Dewdon Filtration is committed to meet the requirements and expectations of esteemed customers. Our high quality and reliability of our systems have earned Dewdon Filtration an extensive list of clients in various market segments and geographies. These standards have enabled us to maintain customer satisfaction while building strong customer loyalty.

To accomplish this, Dewdon Filtration shall

Supply High Quality Filtration Systems & Products to customers delight.

Recognizing the company’s ability with an everlasting commitment to Design, Engineer, Manufacture, Market and Service high efficiency Filtration Systems and Filter Elements adhering to all International Quality Standards to satisfying customer needs through innovative research and development.

Achieve consistent product quality by following systematic procedures throughout every step of the manufacturing process from raw materials, to work in process and finished goods that assures of consistent product quality by proper planning, documented procedures and timely review of quality objectives.

Continuously strive to improve the quality of materials, evaluation of Filter Media, processes and products, using state of art technology and equipment’s.

Maintain an enabling environment, which encourages teamwork and active involvement of all employees with total commitment.

Facilities For Testing / Calibration

Air Filter Test Rig

Oil Filter Test Rig

Bubble Point Test Bench

Fabrication Integrity Test Bench

Pore Test Rig

Electronics Lab

Testing & Calibration Lab

Pre Compliance Testing Lab

Mechatronics Lab



Gamma Irradiation Lab

Research and Development

Dewdon Research and Development (R&D) laboratory is constantly working to implement innovative solutions in solving filtration and separation problems. We can also offer characterization of filtering elements according to ISO 16889 Standard. Dewdon R&D is also actively involved in R&D programs with Public Sector Authorities and Private Sector Corporations in the Energy, Environmental fields and new material development.

Currently, Dewdon R&D is carrying out the following activities:

Improvement of Coolant Filtration Systems onboard MIG aircrafts.

Development of NBC Filters for domestic & military use.

Improvements in the design of Fine Fuel Filters for Naval warships.

HSE Policy

We are committed to environmentally responsible operations and safe, healthy and compliant workplaces.

Consistent with our commitment to uniformly apply high standard s of ethics and business conduct wherever we do business, Dewdon Filtration Middle East (FZC) Company regards Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) excellence as a fundamental value. We are committed to efficiently and effectively reducing the environmental impacts of our operations while providing safe, healthy and compliant workplaces for our employees, visitors, and neighbors.

We will accordingly direct our EHS efforts in the following are as:


We will establish accountability to ensure that management provides leadership, processes and resources that foster the conditions and behaviors that result in continuous, measurable EHS improvement.


We will actively involve our employees and encourage their participation in activities that continuously reduce exposure to health and safety hazards and environmental impacts that can result in harm to people or the environment.


We will establish systems to meet or exceed applicable EHS laws and regulations in the countries where we do business.

Sustainable Business

We will establish EHS targets and objectives and publically report our progress in protecting our employees while continuously reducing environmental impacts through pollution prevention, energy conservation and waste minimization.

Suppliers, Service Providers & Customers

We will partner with our suppliers, service providers and customers to promote the safe, compliant, and sustainable use of our products and services.

This Policy is supported by our global EHS framework, and is considered the individual and collective responsibility of all employees Dewdon Filtration Middle East (FZC).

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